MCS Presidential Search

How were members of the Presidential Search Committee selected?

Members of the Presidential Search Committee were nominated by the Executive Committee of the Board which includes the Chair and Vice Chair of the MCS School Board, the Chair of the Finance Committee, and the Diocesan Superintendent, Dr. Tim Uhl. They were then voted on by the MCS School Board. Members represent diverse skills, life experience and varied relationship to the school. All members have demonstrated a strong commitment to MCS and are dedicated to devoting a tremendous amount of time to this search. The Search Committee will make recommendations for hire to the MCS School Board.

How will the Search Committee update the community?

The MCS website will list all updates and information available regarding the Presidential search, as well as community notices via email.

How can I help?

With every transition, there is an opportunity for growth and insight. Be an ambassador for MCS and spread the good news of happenings on our campuses – be sure to direct questions and input in writing to the search committee. Pray for the work of our search committee and our wonderful schools.

Where is the job posted?

The job is posted on the Diocese of Helena Website, the Jesuit Schools Network Website, and the MCS website.

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