St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School is a small, diocesan Catholic, co-educational elementary school that provides comprehensive and challenging educational opportunities for their students in an environment of traditional Catholic teaching. St. Joseph School personifies a safe environment in which students know and respect each other.

St. Joseph School provides a small, accessible faculty, staff and administration whose dedication and belief in the individual student and Catholic education fosters their vision and professionalism. The school is a family-oriented environment, structured by a cooperative effort between faculty, administration, students and parents to promote high moral and academic standards.

The parent involvement is conducive to wholesome family values. The people of SJS understand that these family values, along with the dedication toward children, help create a caring and loving atmosphere of positive education.

Accrediting Agencies

Missoula Catholic Schools is accredited by the Office of Public Instruction, Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and is co-accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission/AdvancedEd (NWAC/AdvEd.)  


Each department at St. Joseph Elementary School has developed its own curriculum which guides the instructor in teaching the classroom material.


The academic year is divided into two 18-week semesters, offering a total of 36 instructional weeks. Classes are self-contained from grades K-4 and departmentalized in grades 5-8. Language Arts, Social Sciences, Math, Science, Choir, Band and Theology divide the coursework for students in these grades. With a strong focus on spiritual development and the scholastic core subjects, SJS students maintain high levels of success in their academic life, with approximately fifty percent scoring in the 80th percentile and better on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

With an atmosphere of discipline, exemplifying good morals and caring for others, students at SJS are continually reinforced and encouraged to be mentally, spiritually, physically, and academically sound. St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School provides students with the best opportunities to learn and to succeed in an environment that enhances the whole student. In this light, the teachings of Jesus are taught in daily religion classes and incorporated into other subject areas in the curriculum.


St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School strives to provide a high level of academic challenge to its students based on where they are as individual students. Each year, the graduating class of 8th grade at St. Joseph Middle School sends an average of 90% of its students on to study at Loyola Sacred Heart in an environment that is academically rigorous and demanding.

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