What is LSH Collegio class all about?

The Collegio class setting is a unique opportunity, offering incoming freshmen numerous academic and social-emotional opportunities. As an interdisciplinary course, Collegio supports the tandem experience of history and literature as students learn how the foundational underpinnings of western civilizations shape and inform the rich literature of the time. And because Collegio is a non-tracked course,

Izaac Sessums – Just Keep Going

MISSOULA – Every athlete is on a different journey, facing varying challenges. Missoula Loyola senior Izaac Sessums’ path has brought twists and turns, presenting obstacles most families wouldn’t know how to overcome. Click HERE to keep reading or to watch Izaac’s amazing story of drive and perseverance.

Fuel Fitness Prep Athlete Poll

Vote by clicking HERE for this weeks Fuel Fitness Prep Athletes! Fuel Fitness has partnered with the Missoula Prep Sports Network to highlight Missoula’s high school athletes. Every Monday a poll will placed at noon and will remain open until 11:59 pm on Friday to vote on the girl and boy Fuel Fitness Prep Athlete

Flathead Cherries

Click HERE to order your Flathead Cherries. Order deadline is July 22, 2019!

Summer Sports Schedule

Click HERE to view the summer workout schedule.

Mrs. Newman Retirement Party

Kindergarten Class
Click HERE for more information on Mrs. Kathy Newman’s retirement party!

2019 State of Schools Presentation

Click HERE to view our 2019 State of Schools Presentation.

MCS Accent Winter Issue

The new Accent is out!  If you haven’t received it, we need to update your mailing address. If you’d like to share our stories of success and display the Accent at your business, please let us know.  We’d be happy to deliver some copies. Please email madyln.dawald@mcsmt.org with any address changes or requests. CLICK HERE to view the Winter Issue!

LSH Rampage – Volume 7, Issue 5

The February Rampage is here! Click below to read a copy online or pick up a print copy at the school. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2xRV174HFUWTXA5bEVoOU8wMzFLcHp2TERKV2ZLbzRiQzJv/view