St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School strives to be a faith community as well as an academic one. It is dedicated to providing the tools with which all students can reach full maturity as caring, intelligent and faith-filled individuals, ready to meet the challenges of vocation and life-long learning with vision and responsibility.


Students are encouraged to actively embrace their faith commitment through community outreach and service to others, within and through their faith community, as well as to nurture to fullness an ever developing relationship between God, neighbor and self.


Daily prayer is an important part of each day at SJS. Students in each classroom begin and end their day with prayer. The first morning of each week, the entire SJS School meets for a school wide prayer, conducted by individual classrooms. Masses are offered on a monthly basis with the priests from the local Missoula parishes. Please see Mass schedule.


Throughout the course of the academic year, SJS students reach out to help the Missoula Community in several ways. Beginning with the University of Montana Homecoming Parade, SJS families and students conduct a food drive along the parade route in conjunction with their float. The canned goods are donated to local food banks and the Poverello Center. At Thanksgiving, each class “adopts” a needy family and collects and delivers not only a Thanksgiving meal, but reaches out and gives from their hearts to “their” family. The students also sponsor “Senior Friend Day”, an annual musical program and reception performed by the students in honor of all our senior citizens in Missoula. The grade school students provide entertainment and a loving respect and appreciation for Missoula’s “seasoned” friends.


Missoula Catholic Schools offer a number of co-curricular activities. These activities range from sports to a number of clubs and social organizations. While the organizations differ at each school, they serve to enhance the student’s overall academic and social growth. Some of the activities are listed below: Please look at both the Athletics and Activities & Policies for the latest sports schedules and activities.

Sports Participation Paperwork

Emergency Contact Form

MHSA Physical Form

Concussion Statement Form

Saint Joseph Elementary and Middle School Activities:

  • 7/8 Boys' Basketball
  • 7/8 Girls' Basketball
  • 7/8 Girls' Volleyball
  • 6/7/8 Track
  • 6/7/8 Cross Country
  • 7/8 Honor Band/Choir
  • K-8 Service Projects (various) food drives, clothing drives etc.
  • Builders Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Mathcounts


The PALS Program (Playing, Adventure, Learning, and Sharing) is for children grades K-6. It is for children who need after school care with the following goals:

  • Our students grow socially, emotionally and physically by participating in recreation activities with their peers.
  • Our students develop and improve their homework skills to reinforce learning during homework time.
  • Our students grow academically through inquiry based activities focusing on Science, Math, Language Arts and Technology.
  • Our students develop good health and nutrition habits through snack and health supervision.
  • Our students develop strong relationships with excellent mentors (student and teachers)

Our PALS program is located in our 1st grade classrooms.  It rotates between each of these classrooms, monthly.

When: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3:00- 5:30 pm, and Wednesday from 2:15-5:30 on full school days.
PLEASE NOTE:  PALS does not operate on ½ days or on days when SJS is closed.  

Students are charged a minimum fee of $7.00, after a 15 minute grace period when school is dismissed. At 3:15 pm (2:30 pm on Wednesday) the minimum is charged regardless of the students length of stay. After the first hour, fees accrue at $0.12 per minute. In order to sustain this program, we must be able to pay for our teachers in the program.  Therefore, all students in the program (regardless of the length of care) must be charged accordingly.

St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School

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Missoula Catholic Schools Foundation

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Missoula Catholic Schools Athletic Complex

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