Missoula Catholic Schools

Missoula catholic schools is committed to the formation of young men and women of compassion, conscience, competence, and community.

Missoula Catholic Schools and academic excellence are synonymous.  An education from Missoula Catholic Schools embraces Gospel values and provides a well-rounded education experience beginning with our thriving Early Education Program and culminating with an excellent high school and college prep curriculum.  Both St. Joseph and Loyola Sacred Heart provide strong activities programs and community service opportunities.


Paul Richardson, M.Ed

Principal Loyola Sacred Heart High School

Joanna Eichner

Principal St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School

Lisa VanCanagan, CPA

Controller Missoula Catholic Schools

School Board

The Missoula Catholic School (MCS) Board is a school board, and shall act under the administrative jurisdiction of the Diocese of Helena School Office.  The MCS Board is responsible for the general operations of the MCS system and the Board.  To that end, the Board shall develop, formulate, and enact policies that guide the general operations of the MCS system and policies that guide the general operations of the Board.  The Board’s responsibility for the general operations of the MCS system includes financial oversight.  Board policies will be implemented by MCS Administration. Such policies shall give general direction for the administration, staff, parents, and students and will be compatible with Diocesan policy.  Any recommended changes in policy are to be submitted to the review and approval of the Bishop through the Superintendent.  Board policies shall cover those areas in which the Board has responsibility including:

  1. Planning
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing and Public Relations
  4. Secular Curriculum and Assessments
  5. Personnel

If you would like to directly contact the MCS School Board please do so by emailing at mcsboard@mcsmt.org.

Statement Of Expectations For The MCS President



Click on the below board members to read their bios:

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members:

  • Paul Richardson, LSH  Principal/Leadership Team
  •  Joanna Eichner, SJS Principal/Leadership Team
  • Lisa VanCanagan, MCS Controller/Leadership Team
  • Jen HaffeySJS Front Office

Regular Voting Members:

  • Tyler Gilman , Chair (TERM EXPIRES 2025)
  • Carolyn McLeod, Vice Chair (TERM EXPIRES 2024), LSH ’92
  • Jim McGowan (TERM EXPIRES 2025), LSH ’90
  • Heather Grutcsh, (TERM EXPIRES 2025), LSH ’01
  • Nick Griel, (TERM EXPIRES 2025), LSH ’01
  • Michael Knotts
  • Erin Horner
  • Jake Fuller

Ex-Officio Voting Members:

Safety Documents

Board Minutes

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