It is our mission to provide a Catholic education to those who wish to attend MCS. Diversity of all kinds is a cornerstone in the Catholic education experience. Blending students of all races, backgrounds, religions, and socio-economic groups is vital to the experience of our students as they navigate learning and life experiences. Our Companions Tuition Assistance Program allows families to attend St. Joseph Elementary & Middle School and Loyola Sacred Heart High School regardless of their financial situation.

Business Companions join us on our journey of forming tomorrow’s leaders.  Because of their large gifts towards our Companions Tuition Assistance Program, they provide the support necessary to fulfill the mission of Missoula Catholic Schools.

If you are interested in becoming a Business Companion, please reach out to Stephanie Topp at 406-541-2858 or


One half of our students receive tuition assistance and every year the Missoula Catholic Schools Foundation funds that gap between the cost of education and revenue generated from tuition.  MCSF also funds technology, facility improvements, equipment, and invests in higher pay for our teachers. The money raised by the Foundation goes directly to St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School and Loyola Sacred Heart High School!

When you support the Foundation you are investing in Missoula Catholic Schools’ Mission!

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