In 1874, The Sisters of Charity of Providence opened a boarding school for boys situated near St. Patrick Hospital.  This school, named St. Joseph was the first Catholic school in Missoula. St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School is the oldest Catholic elementary school in Western Montana. We are a small, diocesan Catholic, co-educational elementary school that promotes college and career readiness, providing comprehensive and challenging educational opportunities for students in an environment of Catholic teachings. St. Joseph School personifies a safe environment in which students know and respect each other.

St. Joseph School provides a small, accessible faculty, staff and administration whose dedication and belief in the individual student and Catholic education fosters their vision and professionalism. The school is a family-oriented environment, structured by a cooperative effort between faculty, administration, students and parents to promote high moral and academic standards.

Parent involvement is key to the school’s success.  Catholic teachings emphasize that parents are the first educators. At St. Joseph School, this belief is embodied in the partnership that the faculty and staff nurture with all parents to be active participants in their child’s learning. As a St. Joe’s parent, you will experience the support of a caring and loving community surrounding your student.

Accrediting Agencies

St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA).


Responding to student needs, the academic year is divided into two 18-week semesters, offering a total of 36 instructional weeks. Classes are self-contained from grades K-5 and departmentalized in grades 6-8. Language Arts, Social Sciences, Math, Science, Choir, Band and Theology divide the coursework for students in these grades. With a strong focus on spiritual development and the scholastic core subjects, SJS consistently scores above both Montana and National averages on the NWEA MAP assessment.  

St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School provides a high level of academic challenge to each individual student, supporting their unique strengths, talents, and learning styles. Approximately 90% of St. Joseph  8th graders continue their college preparatory education at Loyola Sacred Heart High School.

Students at St. Joseph School receive a dynamic and responsive educational experience enhanced with faith formation and direct opportunities to answer the call the serve others.  Beginning in PreKindergarten, students are encouraged to seek out opportunities to serve others in our call as missionary disciples. Throughout a student’s educational journey at SJS, they will experience an array of service opportunities. More importantly, they will actively reflect on the impact these experiences continue to share them into men and women for others.   Grade level retreats, participation in prayer services and liturgies, enhances the social, emotional, spiritual and moral development of all SJS students.



Paul Richardson
Interim Principal

Autumn Schwenk
Office Administrator

Libby Mylnechuk
School Counselor

Courtney Aadland-Lewis
Administration Assistant

Lauren McGill

Candy Tucker
First Grade

Jamie Esh
Second Grade

Ryan Clinton
Third Grade

Nicole Warren
Fifth Grade

Jessica Heirigs
Fourth Grade

Kyle Baney
Fifth Grade

April Feeley
Sixth Grade

Kari Stack
Sixth Grade

Corinne Andrews
7th and 8th Grade Social Studies/8th Grade Theology

Kayla Picard
7th and 8th Language Arts

Grace Cassens
7th and 8th Grade Science/8th Grade Theology

Angela McGill
7th and 8th Grade Mathematics/7th Grade Theology

Andrea Felton
Learning Resource Teacher

Meghan MacKinnon
Librarian/Learning Resource Teacher

Wendy Palma
MCS Learning Resource Coordinator

Melissa Hanser
PreK – 8th Health Enhancement

Stephanie Reardon
Pre-K – 8th Technology

Paisley Taylor
PreK-8th Art

Larysa Blavatsky
6th-8th Band/K-4th music; LSH Instrumental Ensemble

Sharon Kost
SJS Custodian

Ronnie Shumard
Head of Facilities and Maintenance

Kelli Matheny
Interim Vice Principal