LSH Courses 2024-2025

English/Language Arts

English 1

English 2

Honors English 2

English 3

Honors English 3

English 4

AP English 4#

Creative Writing*

Publications and Journalism*


Math 1

Honors Math 1

Math 2

Honors Math 2

Math 3

Honors Pre-Calculus^

Probability & Linear Math^

Honors Calculus^


Biology 1

Honors Biology 1

Chemistry 1

Honors Chemistry 1

AP Chemistry 2#

Honors Physics

Anatomy & Physiology*

Environmental Science*

AP Environmental Science*#

River Ecology*

Astronomy & Flight*


Marine Science*

Physical Education

Applied Health and Exercise Science

Advanced Health and Exercise Science


Religion 1

Religion 2

Religion 3

Religion 4

Social Studies

World History

United States History

AP United States History#


Political Science

Native American Studies

Asian Studies*

Montana History*

Montana Geography*

Foreign Language

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Honors Spanish 3/4

French 1

French 2

Honors French 3/4

Fine Arts

Art 1

Advanced Art*

AP Studio Art#*


Instrumental Ensemble*

Vocal Ensemble*

Practical Arts

Computer Applications*

Computer Programming 1/2*

Game Programming*

Programming with Python*^

Programming with Java*

Creative Coding*^

Digital Cinematography*


Street Law*